State of the Company

Dedicated to Excellence
Fraccaro Industries is no stranger to surviving in a tough marketplace

We started out with the same strong, honest work ethic that is the common thread that runs through every person that works here. The fact that our company has not only survived, but thrived in a constantly changing and globally influenced financial climate, is true testament that the heart of our company sits on a very solid foundation.

Our success is a direct result of the applied strengths of our highly motivated, highly skilled, and loyal workforce. Pair this with management’s commitment to service and quality, and we get a dedicated group of people working together to meet and exceed customer requirements while building a successful business.

Moving forward: Eyes on the future.

Our goals are to grow steadily by improving efficiency through our lean programs, to constantly scrutinize our processes, to continue communicating honestly, and to invest in our workforce. We closely watch trends in manufacturing and educate our staff in the latest tools and techniques. Our equipment is updated to guarantee peak performance. Fraccaro Industries believes that by keeping our focus on service, agility and quality, we will be able to ride the wave of the future.