About Fraccaro Industries

The Management Team

Long term relationships are key, with both customers and personnel.

Together, our top four managers have accumulated over 100 years of experience. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences forge to face and conquer the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace, where flexibility and responsiveness are key. And after years of working together, they have developed a synergy that allows them to complement each other, and efficiently solve problems and improve processes.

The owners of the company each have a very active role, and work closely with all departments, whether it is to resolve daily issues, or to plan future growth. During monthly meetings, our workforce is updated on the status of the company. Employee input is encouraged and responded to, and has resulted in a harmonious and productive environment; a place where people love to come to work.

Continuing to meet and exceed customer expectations

Flexibility and Agility

The speed of business today requires instant supplier response. Due to our intimate size, we are able to immediately involve appropriate personnel to respond to everyday challenges, be it a scheduling change, a request for quote, an engineering issue; virtually anything that is important to our customer.

We are able to respond efficiently because ninety percent of our workforce is cross trained. Our employees cultivate a wide range of knowledge and experience which creates a flexible and agile team that understands the consequence, significance and value of every process. By maximizing the potential of each employee, we maximize the potential efficiency of every process, thereby ensuring a top quality, cost effective end product.


Lean Manufacturing

As a small business in a very competitive environment, it is Fraccaro’s commitment to Lean manufacturing that has been the keystone of our success.  

The benefits of embracing the Lean philosophy have motivated us to maintain vigilance, improving our processes at every opportunity. We have reduced our costs, streamlined our  processes, and as a result can offer more competitive pricing and delivery, while maintaining our commitment to Quality, and running a solvent and successful enterprise.