Customer Inventory Management

Fraccaro is actively involved in customer inventory management programs. We monitor customer inventory levels and ship parts when they are needed by the customer which keeps inventory levels, both ours, and our customers manageable.

It is a win-win: Customers profit by reducing their inventory, and associated administrative costs. We profit by reducing the amount of steps, paperwork, and opportunities for escape. The  ability for us to forecast our customers’ needs also allows us to control our own raw materials, hardware and spindle time for optimal use of our resources.

Rapid Turnaround

A common thread that runs through all industries is the need for rapid turnaround. At Fraccaro, our philosophy is that the better trained the personnel, the better we will be able to serve our customers, especially when they need immediate service.

All of our personnel is cross trained, and regularly undergo training sessions. This provides Fraccaro with a flexible and highly skilled workforce that is capable of completing work promptly, and solving problems efficiently. Not only does this make Fraccaro more competitive in pricing, but it dramatically improves our ability to respond quickly.

When you have a need for rapid turnaround, we are tooled up and ready to go.

Electronic Data Interchange

To enable real time information sharing, our customers have asked that we join them in a partnership to improve all communication by becoming active users of their secured internet portals.

This technology allows us to have instant access to features that make our business planning more solid. We can process requests for quote, purchase orders, schedule changes, review purchased parts forecast, and customer inventory, produce advance shipping notices, and technical data packages at the speed of technology.

Mastering the use of our customers’ EDI Portals has helped serve our customers while allowing us a clearer window to plan future business.

CMM Inspection

Certified for Model Based Definition