By accepting a Fraccaro Industries PO the supplier agrees to all terms and conditions listed here.

Fraccaro Industries, Inc AS9100 Registered

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  1. All applicable certificates to be sent with each shipment.

  2. Our job number must appear on invoices, Certificate of Conformance, and correspondence.

  3. Supplier is to notify Fraccaro Industries within 48 hours if supplier is unable to meet the delivery schedule.

  4. Fraccaro Industries shall flow down all customer/regulatory/AS9100D requirements including requirements per the purchasing documents, critical items, and key characteristics.

  5. Fraccaro Industries performs inspection activities to ensure product compliance. These activities may include receiving inspections (supplier product and/or documentation), dimensional inspections (statistical and/or 100%), and certification review. Any special processes (i.e. anodize, dry-film lube, heat treat, etc.) where the compliance cannot be determined by inspections must have a Certificate of Conformance.

  6. All vendors must have a quality management system in place that includes training for personnel, work instructions and procedures that are adequate to meet customer requirements. This includes release of product to the customer and its verification and acceptance.

  7. When indicated on Fraccaro Industries Purchase Order, suppliers must use customer-approved special processes.

  8. Supplier to notify Fraccaro Industries immediately of unexpected anomalies, nonconformances, changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, and/or changes of manufacturing facility location. Fraccaro Industries reserves the right to approve such changes or incidents before work can proceed.

  9. Supplier acknowledges Fraccaro Industries right of access to its facilities, product, and/or related quality records at any time, by Fraccaro Industries, its customer, or regulatory authorities to verify quality of products or work. Right of access may be limited to only those records and product applicable to Fraccaro Industries products or contracts.

  10. All purchasing requirements shall be flowed down to sub-tier suppliers or subcontractors.

  11. All suppliers must have a formal,document Business Continuity Plan in case of crisis or emergency situation. Supplier shall provide their Business Continuity Plan to Fraccaro Industries for review when requested.

  12. Suppliers must adhere to the prevention of purchasing counterfeit parts.Fraccaro Industries implements controls that include the requirement of Material Certifications, Processing Certifications, Certificates of Conformity, and other documentation as deemed appropriate.

  13. Records pertaining to the manufacture, inspection and test of Fraccaro Industries products shall be retained for a minimum of 10 years.

  14. Supplier acknowledges it shall apply suitable corrective action when presented with Fraccaro Industries complaints or nonconformance reports.

  15. Suppliers must flow down requirements provided in purchase orders and any other applicable controls to their direct and sub-tier suppliers. Suppliers must also ensure their employees are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior. Supplier should be able to provide documented evidence of such communication if requested.

  16. Supplier shall comply with the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIA) Global Principles of Ethics in the Aerospace & Defense Industry.

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VER. 9/2020